PortionPack Europe is a group of portion pack specialists that operate under the wings of European sugar market leader Südzucker.

It started when the companies Van Oordt and Hellma decided to co-operate. The history of Van Oordt starts in the early 18th century. Hendrik van Oordt was the founder of Van Oordt. His company processed cane sugar imported by the Dutch East India Company. The first factory was built in Rotterdamin 1734.  At the end of the 19th century, the Van Oordt family was one of the first to produce portion packed sugar. The story of Hellma starts with wholesaler Karl Hellman in the early twenties. They started producing sugar and used the packages as an advertising medium. In 1998 the companies joined forces and the base of the present PortionPack Europe group is formed.

The group grew with additional members - PortionPack Belgium (with the brands Cocachoc and Elite), Hellma Czech Republic, Hellma Poland, Hellma Austria, and Saes the portion company. The most recent addition to the group is Single Source, the UK’s leading specialist in single serve portions. Eight companies operating from eight European countries. Today, the group is Europe’s market leader in portion packs.

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