Elite The Portion Company

PortionPack Belgium was created in 2004 by the merger of two in Belgium well-known family businesses - Elite Biscuits and Cocachoc. The merger resulted in a one-site solution in Herentals, with an area of approximately 13,000 m². In 2011 the production of former company Union Edel Chocolade in Haarlem was incorporated. Because of the visibility PortionPack Belgium continues the distribution of fine Belgian chocolates and pastries under the established brand names and Elite, Cocachoc and Union Edel Chocolade.

Elite Biscuits

Elite was founded in 1982. Throughout the years the company has profiled itself as a prominent supplier of individually wrapped biscuits for HoReCa (Hotel-Restaurant-Catering). Always using the finest biscuits from Europe's leading bakeries, of which Delacre is one of the most important. During the year 2001 sugar, service products and salted snacks were added to the portfolio.



Cocachoc was a family business formed in 1979. The company has profiled itself as a prominent producer of quality Belgian chocolates for Horeca and supermarkets. Beside the different individually wrapped products for the Horeca, PortionPack Belgium offers under the brand Cocachoc as well as several other products to the retailers. The retailer can choose from a wide variety of chocolate products, such as individually packed Napolitains in standard or theme package, individually packed chocolate bars and various (flavoured) coco products.


Union Edel Chocolade

"Union" was set up in 1902. In 2010 the business was bought by the PortionPack Europe Holding and integrated in 2011 in the activities of PortionPack Belgium. Union Edel Chocolade is a producer of Napolitains (4.5g and 8.5g), all produced using the very best quality Belgian chocolate. Within the "Union" offer, we distinguish between two types of Neapolitans: the Neapolitan with a personalised wrapper (which is developed and produced on the instruction of the client) and the Neapolitan with the standard wrapper (which is developed by "Union" and intended for a number of clients). The Neapolitans with a standard wrapper are divided into collections. These are destined to be sold in specific seasons (seasonal collections), in specific tourist locations (tourist collections) or throughout the year to a wide-ranging public (regular collections).



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